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Yukoners welcomed a first in May 2020 with the launch of a pair of new companies, Yukon Wines and Solstice Ciderworks, by local entrepreneurs Kyle Marchuk, Stephen Mooney, Colin Nickerson, and Harold Roche. Nobody had ever started a wine or cider business before in the territory …

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Wine‑tasting in Whitehorse — The Yukon’s first commercial winery, Yukon Wines, specializes in varieties made from haskaps (also known as honeysuckle and honeyberry), which are typically found in the wild. They have a unique flavour – some say a mix between blueberry, raspberry and elderberry – and besides wine, they’re used for cider, which you can find at Whitehorse’s Solstice Ciderworks …

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You may have heard, we have a winery in the Yukon now. This winery comes from the team at Yukon Berry Farms. They were looking for a way to use their haskap berries to create secondary products that have a long shelf life and good margins – fruit wine.
This is a clever use of the berries to create a valuable secondary product, especially when targeting export into Japan. The word ‘haskap’ is the Japanese word for Edible Blue Honeysuckle and in Japanese, it means ‘berry of long life and good vision …

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At first blush, the Yukon doesn’t seem like a great place to grow fruit. North of 60, the growing season is too short and the temperatures too cold to allow for the kind of harvests that come out of southern Ontario or the Okanagan Valley.But there’s one crop that might do better here than just about anywhere else in Canada. At least, that’s what Kyle Marchuk and Shawn Newell a …

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When Kyle Marchuk planted his first 20,000 haskap plants in 20 acres of land off the Takhini Hot Springs Road, north of Whitehorse, the idea of winemaking was just a tadpole swimming in the backwaters of his mind. Seven years later, that idea, now fully grown, has leapfrogged other ideas like exporting jams …

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